Repainting a Classic Corvette: What’s it Cost?

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Classic Corvette Restoration

Looking to restore, facelift, or simply give your Corvette a whole new look? Find out how much it could set you back.

Maintaining a new or old Corvette ain’t cheap. Regardless of where your project takes you, chances are you will spend big bucks restoring it, or simply getting it to look and perform exactly the way you want. Of course, this raises many questions.

No other question is more relevant when working on a project than, “how much will it cost?” followed by “how long will it take?” Depending on how good life has treated you, you’re either short on one or the other. Thankfully, our trusty Corvette Forum members have started a rather informational thread, discussing how much it would cost to repaint a ’67 Convertible.

1983 Corvette at National Corvette Museum

Longtime member¬†jv04¬†initiated the thread by asking other members how much they thought it would cost to “strip and repaint to Goodwood Green?” Of course, the answers have varied wildly, with some members quoting as little as $7,000, and others questioning if a Corvette that is supposedly in good shape really needs to be repainted?

After carefully looking over the thread, it seems that $25,000 is the most common amount expressed by members. Needless to say, a few experts shared their that it really depends on the location of the vehicle, and how much local competition there is for the shop doing the work. If you’re in a town with only a handful of paint shops, your estimate will most likely be high, but if you’re in a major city with over a dozen shops, you will most likely get a better deal.

Feel free to glance at the various responses, and perhaps you can chime in with valuable input.

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