Be Careful out there, Corvette Owners

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Folks, we just had an unfortunate reminder of why our enthusiasm for enjoying Corvettes should never, ever outweigh a need for safety.

Over the weekend, a Corvette driver was arrested on suspicion of killing a 27-year-old in a single-car collision in the San Francisco area after it was determined he had been drinking and taking drugs, according to a San Francisco Chronicle news report.

The driver was able to get out of the vehicle, but the other person in the accident died at the scene.

It seems the allegation that the Corvette driver had been drinking and had drugs in his system was a major contributor to the accident. It’s idiots like these who give all ‘Vette owners a bad rap as indicated in the headline of the original story that reads “Corvette driver arrested in fatal Los Altos crash”, and some of the readers’ comments on the story:

antianti – “Who needs a high-performance vehicle? Nobody. Commuters don’t, neither would taxi drivers … but illegal street racers and Jeff Gordon wannabes will.”

NoSCstadium – “Use your common sense. Is a young man in an Accord, for instance, likely to speed because it’s–well, a Honda? (I mean if you press it, it can probably go 75 mph or so on Fremont–which is pretty fast.  Or is he more likely to speed in a Corvette? Think real hard of the way the car has been sold and promoted for the past 60 years or so.”

Hey, I guess the point I’m trying to make here is when you’re driving your ‘Vette, just remember that, like it or not, you’re representing a much larger group that shares a passion for Corvettes, so be careful on the road.

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