Hi-Ho Silver! Check Out the Interior in This Red ’74 Corvette

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Corvette interior (2)

The next time you’re thinking of which color interior to pick for your new Corvette, ask yourself this: are you more comfortable thinking outside the box or simply following the crowd?

Sure, one’s interior selection on a ‘Vette is probably not something that people typically associate with one’s craving to live on the edge. But as this original silver interior on this ’74 model highlights, it certainly can give a car a unique flair.

As highlighted in a recent Jalopnik report, the silver interior was an option on the ‘Vette back in the day as either Vinyl RPO 406 or Leather RPO 407. But there just weren’t very many people who picked the color, probably out of fear of veering too far from the typical white or tan interior, which is what you’d expect in a red C3 during the mid ‘70s.

However, the bigger question is if that silver interior is enough to convince you to pay $13,000 for the Corvette, the current asking price for the car on Craigslist.

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Via [Jalopnik]

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