SINISTTER C6 Corvette: The Devil’s in the Details

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Sinister 2007 Corvette C6 (9)

SinisterC6 is one of the more active members on Corvette Forum, and he owns one of the coolest cars here as well. His build thread for his twin-turbo C6 from Vengeance Racing has been one of the most active on the site, despite being several years old. With a full 61 pages of posts, updates, and photos, it is a plethora of useful information and excitement. Still, what really makes this beast of a Corvette special is not the horsepower or the menacing black and red paint, but rather the incredible attention to detail.

Every piece of this car has been changed, altered, or modified in some way to give it a touch more character and flair. The interior is coated in carbon fiber wrap, all the lights have been replaced with red LEDs, and everything is cleaned, tucked, or stowed. It feels and looks like a completely realized thought, and I love it.

I had a chance to get a close look at this wild ‘Vette, and I did you guys a favor and took lots of photos of all those tiny personal touches that take this car to the next level. I also made a nice little video that shows off the car’s visuals and gives you a quick little blast of exhaust noise to top it off. Enjoy! But don’t forget to check out all the photos in our gallery below the video too.

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