Solving That Corvette Key Fob Issue Might Be Simple

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Having issues with your Corvette key fob?

Then here’s a tip you might want to consider, which we stumbled on in a report from The Bulletin. Prompted by a question from a 2006 Corvette owner, the business site addresses an issue with those who find themselves getting a “no key fobs detected” message in the car.

“When I follow reprogramming directions, the only thing that happens is the fobs become totally inoperative,” wrote the Corvette owner. “To fix this, I disconnect the battery and then the fobs work, except to start the car the way it is designed. The local dealer tried twice with no luck.”

Evidently, the fob issue is pretty common. The Bulletin notes that a transistor in the remote-control door lock receiver as the likely culprit. The solution? “Replace the lock receiver located above the radio behind the trim on the right side,” writes the business site.

Seems simple enough, no?

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Via [The Bulletin]

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