Spied: C7 Z07

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Update: We have unofficial confirmation from an anonymous source inside GM that this IS the C7 Z07.

We’ve got new shots, courtesy of CF member Mobil 1, of the supposed C7 Corvette Stingray Z07 caught out while parked, presumably after warm weather testing in Anthem, AZ and photographed at a local hotel. While we can’t be sure that these are Z07s, it does seem that these cars, whatever they are, have a low chin-splitter and wider-than-stock-c7 tires and wheels. Additionally, the wheels match those from the leaked CAD drawing we saw a while back.

If this is the C7 Z07 out testing then it seems reasonable to think that we might see it by late 2014, debuting as a 2015MY. While we do believe that this is the next Super-Stingray, we wonder if it will debut in Detroit (at the NAIAS) in January or perhaps even sooner at the LA Auto Show. Either way, head over to the forums here to check out all the photos and throw your two cents in.

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