Sun Visor Removal Instructions

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first picture shows the driver’s side, “Start to remove”, position. The
visor is down like you would put it, to block the sun from coming in the
windshield. Stick the correct size screwdriver into the slot, on the bezel
ring, as shown. Rotate the sun visor counterclockwise, towards the
driver’s side window.
When you do this the sun visor’s iron shaft
will press on the screwdriver shaft. All of these things (visor,
screwdriver and slotted bezel ring) will rotate together towards the side
window. (You will simultaneously be pushing upwards on the screwdriver to
keep the tip of the screwdriver in that little slot on the bezel ring.)
After a 1/4 or less turn, the sunvisor will simply drop down, now
unattached. See the next picture for this.
Now, just separate the
wires at the connector. By the way, the connector on my car was sideways
up inside the windshield header and I had to “fiddle” with it to get it to
come out. Then the electrical connector was hard for me to separate until
I realized that there is a little gray plastic retaining clip on the end
of the connector that you must remove, (you can see it in the last
Everything happens smoothly and without any forcing at
all. It is amazing how this opens up the car for taller

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