Super-cheap C3 Corvette Should Buff Right Out

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C3 Corvette

This poor C3 Corvette is probably beyond saving but could still prove a potentially great value for someone.

Without a doubt, there’s little in this world more entertaining than a good car sales ad. Sellers tend to exaggerate the truth a little bit. Obviously in an attempt to garner interest or maximize the sales price. It’s up to buyers to navigate the murky waters of the unknown, working hard to discover any mystery problems the car might have. But no amount of embellishing or buffing is going to hide the condition of this barn…uh…middle-of-the-woods find C3 Corvette.

We came across the poor 1970 model ‘Vette while perusing Craigslist, and it’s easily the saddest thing we’ve seen in a while. But you’ve got to hand it to the seller. With an honest selling price of $350, this might just be the cheapest C3 Corvette on the market. And he’s pretty darn honest about the car’s condition, as if there’s any hiding it. He notes the frame is “junk,” and that the car was in a “major accident” years ago. Well, duh.

C3 Corvette

It also appears that this C3 Corvette served as a parts car following the wreck. There’s no engine, transmission, or front or rear end. Just essentially a mangled body and some interior trim. Obviously, we always hate to see an old car get parted out. But in this case, it was probably the right call. At this point, the poor car’s probably best served as a piece of automotive junk art.

On the bright side, there are enough parts left here to make this C3 Corvette worth the “tree-fiddy” asking price. Both of the bucket seats are still there, which should cover that cost alone. There’s also one good headlight, a rear bumper, and decent looking taillights. So while this particular car might be way beyond saving with a good buff job, it’s still got some value left in it!

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