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Where Do You Stand on Gas and Corvettes?

Is it ever okay to use 87-octane gas? What brand of fuel station do you visit? When do you fill up?

  Comments | By - February 2, 2017

Gas Time: What Is E85?

If you’re on the fence about converting your Corvette to E85, there are some things to know, consider, and acknowledge before you do.

  Comments | By - November 6, 2015

Gas Time: What Is Top Tier Gas?

It’s touted in gasoline ads across the U.S. that their product is a “Top Tier Gasoline” as recommended by General Motors for your Corvette to maximize performance and reduce maintenance costs. So, what exactly is Top Tier Gas, and what does it really do for your ‘Vette?

  Comments | By - October 28, 2015

Free Fuel Pressure Increase Modification

This modification was performed on an 87 Vette with approx. 100K on the odometer, a gutted MAF, a K & N air filter, Jacobs 8.5mm plugs wires and Delco sparks that are 2 heat ranges hotter than stock. I tried this modification and my fuel pressure went from 30# to 40# with only this fifteen […] More »

  Comments | By - April 21, 2010