Would you take the cash or the new Corvette?

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I certainly have heard of them, but I guess by being a huge Corvette fan, I kind of forgot they really existed. I mean, how many people do you know would pass on a 2015 Corvette in favor of $55,000? Clearly, one is Dr. Chuck Schumacher, who when given the option of a Stingray or the money, opted for the cash after winning a raffle held in conjunction with Mid America Motorworks Corvette Funfest in Illinois.


Then again, from the looks of the photo from the 97.9XFM report, it could be a case that with two young kids, Dr. Schumacher has a tough time rationalizing the practically of a Corvette.

That, I certainly can understand. It does, however, pose an interesting question for those who already own a Corvette — would you take the car or the cash?

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Source [TheXRadio.com]

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