This C2 Went Under the Corvette Forum Microscope

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The Chevrolet Corvette is a car that immediately inspires passion. No matter the generation, pages and pages of praise for the styling of America’s sports car can be written without any knowledge of the Corvette’s specs or history.

Corvette Forum has plenty of posts about how attractive Corvettes are, but it’s also rich in knowledge about them. A layperson might look at the ’67 you see here and think, Wow! A “highly restored, fully documented” red-on-red convertible. Where do I sign?


You all, on the other hand, were…less than impressed. True, this C2 has a 427-cubic-inch 435-horsepower V8, the F41 suspension, and side pipes. However, equipped with your abundant knowledge of classic Corvettes, you all picked this shiny droptop apart until it was a pile of steel, rubber, and glass doubts.

For instance, Velox said, “A quick look identifies that the stinger should be black, not white.” According to SupremeDeluxe, “With red/red, the tags are suspect until proven otherwise.” Nowhere Man said, “The [$109,900] price reflects a wrong or restamped engine.”


On the other hand, ecke (aka Erik) offered this: “This is what they answered when I pointed out the white stinger and wrong exhaust.: ‘Obviously the car is not 100% the way it came from the factory as you already know. Whoever restored it, restored it to their liking. It is priced very very good based on these items.'”

Do you agree with that?

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