Custom C3 Corvette Defines the Term “Unique”

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custom c3

As you can tell, this custom 1977 Corvette “Scorpion” caught my eye pretty quickly. Not because it’s red, and not because of its questionable styling either. No, the reason for the attention grab is much greater: it’s almost identical looking to the race car bed I had when I was younger. If I had money for impulse buys such as this one, or if I had really strange taste in cars, this thing would be in my driveway tonight.

The C3 is a wide car anyway, and this kit is an entire foot wider on each side. How massive must this thing be? The eBay advertisement does say that it has a Hendrick motorsports engine, but reveals no other information about the car, which is odd for an engine of such potency. Or it could just be a set of valve covers, judging by the creative use of zip-ties to route the wiring around the sides of the engine bay. It’s mated to an automatic though, so any chance of having fun by rowing the gears has been taken away. Someone appears to have been into it though, as the car collected a winning bid of $9,950.00. 

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