Tint Your Corvette Windows in Canada and It Could Be Impounded!

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This is a debate that has raged on in our community for years, and it continues to do so in this Corvette Forum thread┬áregarding window and taillight tinting, and the fine line between dangerous and personal expression. In this instance, forum member Blck_c7 had a run in with Johnny Law regarding his gorgeous car’s tint. He says that he was pulled over for window and tail lamp tinting in British Colombia, Canada, and had his car impounded for a month as a result. In his shoes, the situation comes down to a risk-versus-reward situation. Obviously he knew the tint he’d installed on his Corvette was beyond the legal limit, and while he may not have been aware of the ramifications of breaking that law, I would argue that he likely knew some repercussions would be coming some day. Regardless of that, you can see what our members are saying about the topic, and you can go sound off with your opinion.

I personally have tint film on the windows of every one of my cars, but when I go to the tint shop, I always request a legal package of tinting services. Your local tint shop will know the laws of your locality, and they can help advise you on what is best for you and your car. In the instance of Blck_C7, his tint is clearly beyond the realm of legality. While in most of our communities, this kind of infraction would be met with a simple fix-it-ticket, there is the possibility for further legal action on the side of the state if the fix is never done. This car certainly looks ridiculously cool, but is looking cool worth risking an impound? You be the judge.

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