Transmission Problem Solving

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I have
an automatic, 93 LT-1 that I autocross. The course that I was running was
low speed and I could run in \”L\” range and stay off the rev-limiter.
While staging in my next to last run, I found that the automatic
transmission was not shifting until 3500 rpm, unless I would take my foot
off the gas pedal, which caused it to shift.
After the event the
transmission continued to do the same, and it also affected the shifting
between the other ranges.
I took the Vet to a dealer and and
discussed the problem with a mechanic, however, the mechanic suggested
that I have the \”codes\” checked to determine the problem.
decided to put that off and decided to change the transmission fluid and
filter. This was a simple and straight forward process.
The result
was tha same shifting problem.
I noticed that the throttle cable
was loose. I check the service manual and found that there was an
adjustment(push button)on the cable between the ARS and the
I adjusted the linkage, taking up the slack (very easy
process) in the throttle cable.
This adjustment cured the hard,
delayed shifting. I decided to put tape on the cable so that it would
remain in the readjusted position, unless I wanted to reset it.

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