How-To Tuesday: Corvette Torque

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I would imagine that many of you reading this article are experts when it comes to torque values and what each bolt should be on the seventh generation Corvette. For those of you that fall into the expert category, this article is going to be highly redundant. But for the rest of us who have not quite spent the time memorizing the newest Stingray Corvette fastener tightening specifications, I would like to point you in the direction of the previously highlighted article, which can be found in Corvette Forum‘s How-Tos section.

Torque science

Based on my examination of the aforementioned article, I am fairly confident that should you need to tighten just about anything on your C7 Corvette, you’re going to be ready to go, provided of course that you have a torque wrench available.

The article details the torque values for the 6.2 liter LT1 engine, the 7-speed manual transmission, the clutch on the 7-speed manual transmission, the front and rear suspension, and the frame and under-body.

Torque wrench

The article lists out all of the torque values for each of the categories I previously mentioned. So grab your torque wrench, print off the values, and get that C7 checked out. You probably haven’t been taking it very easy on your Stingray, so make sure that you’re good to go before your next run out on the town.

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