How-To Tuesday: Creating a Corvette Dragstrip Monster

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A few weeks ago, I talked about setting yourself up with a sleeper Corvette. This week? Let’s go with a slightly more obvious setup. Are you ready to line ’em up, one quarter-mile at a time? Hitting the dragstrip with your Corvette can make for an adrenaline-inducing good time. But where do you start when you want to push your Corvette from stock to seriously fast?

Well, the first place to grab some ideas would be this week’s How-To Tuesday article, which outlines several places to help convert your Corvette to a quarter-mile king.

blue C7 burnout

You may have already guessed what the first adjustment should be on the car. You’re correct: wheels and tires. The stock tires from the factory on your Corvette are pretty solid, no doubt. That said, they are not made for all-out quarter-mile runs. Some of you are talking to your screen saying that you would beg to differ. Unfortunately, in most places, street races are NOT legal. You can have all the power in the world underneath the hood, but if you can’t hook-up, you’re just going to sit there and spin your tires, literally and figuratively.

There are plenty of other tips in today’s How-To Tuesday article, so check it out. After that, the Corvette Forum is another fantastic resource on this subject.

So who out there has started this transformation on their C5, C6, or C7? What was your first step? Do you remember your first run down the quarter-mile? Lets hear your stories, maybe you’ll start a new generation of speed-freaks.

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