How-To Tuesday: Jump Start My Heart

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We all know that the Corvette is the quickest way to our hearts right? Well, let’s just assume that’s true, because this is a family-oriented article and whatnot. But what would be the heart of the Corvette? You may be thinking the engine, and in some ways, that might be true. But what if I said it were the battery? Think about it. If the battery isn’t working, even if the engine is in perfect shape, it won’t crank. So maybe the engine is the muscle (makes sense) and the battery is the heart. Let’s go with that.

Now, once again, I have NO DOUBT that each and every one of you already knows how to jump start a Corvette if you need to. But for the sake of total preparedness, let’s just say that you lost all of your memories in a freak accident. Maybe you got beat off the line by a Prius, but only because you were laughing so hard and lit off the back tires, thus causing smoke to fill the cabin and drain your memory. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Now because of this freak accident, you now have a dead battery in your Corvette and you don’t know what to do. Well guess what? You can find all your jump-starting answers inĀ this week’s How-To Tuesday article.

You have the opportunity to walk away from the article and act as if you have never read it. But the better option would be to forward it to someone who just may need a refresher course on connection points and the finer details of a rolling start. You never know, you may just save a life!

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