How-To Tuesday: Replacing Brake Discs on your Corvette

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Here’s something that pretty much goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways: braking is important when driving. Arguably it’s the most important aspect of driving. You could probably get away with saying that steering is more important, but even then, you still have to stop at some point. Right?

Keeping your brakes in good working order is a necessity on your Corvette. As we all know well, the modern Corvette was built not only for good looks, but for speed, handling, and agility. Keeping in this hierarchy is braking. The writers of Corvette Forum‘s How-To articles have done a great job at educating some of us who may have never gone down the Do-It-Yourself road. This week, let’s lean on on them for the ever important task of replacing disc brakes on the C5, C6, or C7. This excellent DIY article will show you everything you need to know about how to change out your discs, and save a lot of money while you’re at it.

The options on different patterns, materials and venting are numerous. Not to mention the brake pads and their various additional options. From start to finish, swapping out the discs will generally take a few hours. But by taking the time to read the article, you can save yourself time and money. I would imagine that a lot of you have taken this task on yourself. Any additional details, tricks, or time-savers would be very welcome. So let us know your favorite brand and shoot us a picture of your set-up, we would love to see what you’re rolling with!

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