Some Beautiful Gems From This Year’s Corvettes at Carlisle

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After checking out some of the coverage of the 2015 Corvettes at Carlisle, it’s clear that there were a lot of amazing cars on hand for this year’s event.

From what I hear, just navigating through the parking lot of a local restaurant at the Pennsylvania event can take a few hours. So you can imagine what an effort it must be to see all the cool Corvettes that make their way to the annual event. Then again, I guess that’s to be expected when you’re hosting an extravaganza that draws in roughly 5,000 Corvettes, as highlighted in a recent Super Chevy report.

From a pro mod-style blown big-block and no hood to a glossy orange wrapped C5, Super Chevy’s coverage of Corvettes at Carlisle showcases why so many people flock to the event each year. And below are some of my favorite photos that had me wishing I’d made it to PA myself this past weekend.

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Gallery Photos Via [Super Chevy]

Lead Photo Via [racelance]

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