How-To Tuesday: the Ultimate Corvette Rattle Guide

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Corvette panel

There are very few things that are more annoying than a hearing a random noise while driving your car. It doesn’t matter if it is a truck, your favorite Power Wheel, or your Corvette, rattles can drive just about anyone a touch crazy. The most challenging part of fixing a rattle is of course finding the source. Once you have found the location of the nuisance, you can start to work on a game plan for eliminating it. Fortunately, Corvette Forum has you covered this week.

In the “How-Tos” section of Corvette Forum, Nick Mason wrote this great article that gave us several common rattle locations on the Corvette. We’ll go over a few here, but be sure to check out the article too. Hopefully you’re not dealing with any of these issues currently, but if you are, now you can attack the problem head on.

C7 rear quarter panel

The rear quarter panel on the C7, particularly on the passenger side, has been known to have a minor rattle. The rattle has been associated with the plastic molding in the door jam near the vent pictured above. The fix is to remove the screw that is loose and insert a rubber washer between the plastic molding and the body panel, and then re-install the screw.

c6 center console

For those of us that have not yet purchased a C7 Corvette, we may be more familiar with the C6 noises. One involves the center console, and we’re willing to bet a lot of owners have said a few choice words about this one. The sixth generation, as most know, was criticized for its interior, and that included the above average collection of random noises. Noises frequent to the C6 console tend to involve the plastic tabs that hold it in place. Over time, they wear out or fail completely. The solution is to replace the tabs, install rubber tape to give extra hold, or go all out and replace the console completely.

We recommend that you take a read through the article linked above. There are many more examples mentioned as well as solutions for each. Hopefully, you are not having to trouble shoot one of the examples, but maybe you can help a friend fix theirs.

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