C6 Corvette is Beautiful Inside and Out

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Last week, we featured the remnants of what used to be the transaxle of a C5 Corvette. It was beautiful in its naked glory, a work of mechanical art if you will. That got us thinking about other pieces that go into the Corvette, and it got us looking on the forums  for more naked Corvette parts. And that’s when we stumbled upon Corvette Forum member v8sten’s post.

In his thread, v8sten details the work he’s been doing on his C6 Corvette Z06. He’s going about the process of installing a DSS 1000hp drive shaft with poly couplers, ECS trans/diff brace, and a set of Kooks long tube headers and x-pipe.

But to install all of this, he had to rip apart the rear end of the car and completely expose all the mechanics that go into the transmission and rear suspension. And guess what? They’re absolutely gorgeous. The way everything is just laid out is super cool to see outside of the car, and it gives you a better respect for all the engineering that goes into these cars.

Now if only you could figure out how to mount some of the old pieces on the wall without scaring away your girlfriend.

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