C7 Corvette Body Panels are Welded with Sound?

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C7 assembly

I have to admit, the more I learn about what goes into making the C7, the more I appreciate the new Corvette Stingray.

Sure, a lot of the manufacturing processes are pretty much the same as the C6, but as a huge fan of the exterior design of the C7, getting a glimpse of how that design comes to life sheds a whole different light on the car. The Velocity video below certainly does a good job of shedding such light.

After all, as noted in the clip, while the frame is a vital part of the Stingray, it’s the new body panels that give the award-winning C7 its unique look, which has made it one of the hottest sports cars to take the road in decades.

So whether it’s getting more insight on how the design takes shape, or how the engine gets built, seeing how the C7 comes to life is, well, like watching Corvette history in motion.

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via [Velocity]

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