What’s Up in the Forums: Corvette Forum Member Calls out ‘Lame’ Car Show Participants!

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Does the sight of a stock Corvette at a car show make your blood boil? Or do you appreciate a clean, unmodified ride?

We’ve all been there. Scoping out sweet rides at our local car show, breezing through endless rows of classic American machinery. But amid those cool, unique, and show-worthy rides, there are undoubtedly many that just don’t belong there. Heck, we can see a stock 2018 Stingray at our local dealership, right? Or even the mall parking lot? Most of us just breeze by these kinds of things with little fanfare. But others, like Corvette Forum member Mcrider, seem to be pretty bothered by them.

“A co-worker belongs to a Mustang club and had a car show that hit about 90 cars. They went from true rods and some serious looking 60s muscle cars to newer model cars. Mostly Mustangs with major horsepower under some stunning exterior body work. These are the cars that belong in car shows. True eye candy.

Then there were the Corvettes. Guys, they sucked. Every other car had something actually done to them. The standout ‘Vettes were a damn fine looking ’58, a great ’66, and a ’68. After that, pure boring. Some C4s, C5s, a single C7, and not a a damn thing done to them other than being detailed. Two of them (9 total) didn’t even have their hoods open. I can see just as nice Corvettes in a used car lot. In short, they took up spots other cars EARNED. The Camaros looked mean and sharp. They were the top of the GM food chain at this show.”


As you might imagine, this little post touched a serious nerve with some, including 449er.

“OP, your expectations of a car show are different than mine. My local shows have a mix of newer and older cars in attendance. What bodywork would you have done to a C4/C6 ZR1, or a C5/C6 ZO6? Are you saying that a car needs to have an antique plate to be desirable? I respectfully disagree with you.”

Others, like J3TVETTE, agree with the OP.

“Most Corvettes I see at car shows are stock and polished as much as possible with not much done. Not arguing, but noticed the same thing.”

But 919cw313 makes some great points about how our perception might just be a little off.

“The newest C4 is over 20 years old and C5s are 15-ish to 20+ years old too. Despite what some people think, especially about C4s, seeing a nicely preserved one isn’t a bad thing. Unlike other cars, they don’t need a bunch of bulllshit added to them. Also, in BF Iowa, I assume C7s are still somewhat exotic. How does one earn a spot at said car show? Pay the $20 and then what? What hot rides weren’t allowed to show for this big event because of these old ‘Vette pigs?”


GMGearJammer pretty much feels the same way we do about this controversial topic. To each their own, and if you don’t like it, just keep on walking! After all, your cup of tea doesn’t have to be everyone else’s.

“Personally, I skip over newer cars if they look stock. And I do see a lot of ‘Vettes that have their hoods down. I bring my Corvette to car shows. I don’t have too much done to her under the hood, but some people rarely get a chance to see a Corvette up close. You know how often a kid hangs out of his mom’s Camry and says ‘nice race car!’ when I drive around? You never know who might just love a clean C6.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds of comments on this fairly new post proves that the OP really set off a firestorm here. But we want to know what you think! Does it touch a nerve when you see a newer, stock Corvette at a car show? Or do you simply appreciate it and move on? Head over here and let us know!

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