Wicked C7 Corvette Z06 Up for Grabs, If You Can Handle the Power

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Worked C7 Corvette Z06 in White Front

Corvette packs 674 rear wheel horsepower with help from Lingenfelter.

Are you thinking about buying a C7 Corvette Z06, but concerned that 650 horsepower simply isn’t enough? Are you uncomfortable doing the upgrades yourself or picking a shop to do the work? Last but not least, are you interested in buying a lightly-used Z06 with all of the modifications performed by a well-known and reputable shop?

If you answered “yes” to all three of those questions, there is a C7 Z06 in the Corvettes For Sale section that might just be your ideal Chevy supercar.

Worked Corvette Z06 in White Rear

Easy Power Gains for this C7Z

This 2018 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 was posted in the Corvettes For Sale section by “SUNRISE1” and the thread has all of the information a potential buyer could need. The OP included 23 pictures, including shots of the car from every angle, inside and out, as well as a look at each piece of crucial paperwork relating to the build process. This includes the work orders for some sound system upgrades, the Lingenfelter modifications under the hood and the meth injection and tune from Vengeance Racing.

The performance upgrades begin with a Lingenfelter Stage 1 package for the C7 Z06. This adds a new dry sump crank damper, a 15% overdrive pulley for the supercharger, a 100-millimeter idler pulley, a proper supercharger belt and all of the fasteners needed to install everything. There is also a Halltech Stinger air intake system and the car was initially tuned for 93 octane pump gas with an HP Tuners system.

Afterwards, a methanol injection setup was added by Vengeance Racing, followed by a dyno tune from that well-known shop on E85. With the final build, this Corvette made 674 horsepower and 694 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels with the blended fuel.

Worked Corvette Z06 Rear Corner

Other Features

While the main attraction of this 2018 Corvette Z06 1LT is the worked engine, this car also has the standard 8-speed automatic transmission, factory navigation and an aftermarket JL Audio Stealth Box with two 10-inch subwoofers that work with the factory Bose speaker system.

Finally, this car has just over 3,700 miles on the odometer and a price of $67,000. When you consider the mileage and the modification list, that is a great deal on a turn-key C7 Z06 with 674 rear wheel horsepower.

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