5 Tips to Keep Your Corvette Running for a Long Time

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Treat your Corvette like the prized sports car it really is. Follow these five tips to increase the life in your ‘Vette.


1. Follow the Recommended Maintenance Schedule


The recommended maintenance schedule has been carefully thought out for a reason: to keep your car on the road for as long as possible. Following this schedule in timely intervals will help to ensure your car is in its best shape over the years.  Although it’s all-too-easy to ignore a minor warning light, you should never think twice about taking your Corvette in for service if the check engine light appears on the dash.
Likewise, stretching out service intervals may save you money in the short-term, but ignoring regular checkups could cost you big time down the road.  Common items that mechanics take care of include oil changes, tire rotation, and brake inspection, which are all very important to keep track of regularly.


2. Check Fluids and Tire Pressure Regularly

Check Regularly

Other than the engine oil, it’s important to regularly keep an eye on the transmission, power steering, and brake fluids.  All of these fluids are easy enough to check yourself; simply open the hood and locate either the dipstick or the reservoir cap to assess the quality and level of each fluid.

Checking your tire pressure is also a simple procedure that can prevent premature/uneven tire wear and alignment issues due to too high or too low air pressure. Ideally, when the tires are cool, remove the valve cap on each tire and check the PSI levels with a tire pressure gauge.  
Performing these simple checks yourself can save you both time and money.


3. Find a Trustworthy Mechanic


Taking your Corvette to a trusted mechanic is of utmost importance if you don’t fancy yourself as a DIY type of owner. Ideally, your regular mechanic owns a reputable shop, doesn’t forget to do certain tasks while performing maintenance (like ask about the kind of oil you need or turn off a check engine light), doesn’t try to rip you off by performing maintenance you don’t really need, and keeps you in the loop regarding upcoming maintenance. Be diligent and do your research in finding an honest, hard-working shop; it’ll make all the difference for your Corvette’s longevity.


4. Take It Easy at the Wheel


Although it may seem completely counter-intuitive, driving your Corvette gently will increase its overall lifespan. Come to a complete stop before taking off again and remember to shift smoothly, which will reduce the stress put on the transmission. Approach a red light or stop sign by coasting with your foot off the pedal instead of braking hard at the last moment. In addition to costly maintenance, being aware of and avoiding these harsh driving characteristics can also save you money at the pump. It’s said that for every 10 miles you go over the speed limit, you can expect to fork over another $0.20 cents per gallon at the pump!


5. Keep it Clean


There’s nothing worse than seeing what was once a beautiful Corvette look dirty and generally neglected.  Regularly washing your car will prevent dirt and grime from degrading the paint, and you should consider periodically waxing the surface to further protect it.  Invest in quality cleaning products and save yourself money spent at the car wash by cleaning your ‘Vette in your driveway once every few weeks. Don’t forget about maintaining the interior surfaces and even the engine bay. Deep-cleaning leather seats are easier than it seems, and you can remove wrinkles yourself using a few simple materials.


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