Two People Killed in Another C7 Accident

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It’s getting harder and harder to dispute the arguments being made that perhaps there needs to be some type of performance course mandated for new C7 drivers.

As discussed in a recent thread, I know, there are probably more than a few here at Corvette Forum who would likely disagree. But it’s starting to become all too clear that we can’t stress the importance of driver safety enough, especially when it comes to the new Corvettes.

This past Saturday, another person driving a C7 lost control of the car, causing the driver’s side to drift into a large oak tree before bursting into flames, killing the driver, according to KHTS AM 1220 news report. The driver had fatal third degree burns to his entire body and was pronounced dead on the scene. A 69-year-old passenger in the Corvette was pulled from the car by witnesses, who tried to administer life- saving procedures but were unsuccessful.

This recent incident, coupled with the two recent fatal C7 accidents, is certainly cause for alarm. Do you think perhaps performance driving courses should be a necessary part of Corvette ownership?

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