New Corvette Z06 Engine Blows at 500 Miles, What Now?

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Get ready to pour one out for a good motor that died a young and unfulfilled life. Member NORCALSS is reporting that with just 532 miles on his new Z06, the engine has gone kaput. Thankfully GM is covering every penny of the repair, but the entire experience has understandably left NORCALSS a little scorned and unforgiving. As it sits, he is seriously contemplating just getting rid of the car.

In the thread he has posted about the subject, there is a lot of discussion about how much the value of his car will be diminished when it comes time to trade or sell, since the engine is being replaced. There’s also a lot of talk about GM buybacks, Lemon Laws, future modifications, trading for new models, and more. You guys are doing a really good job of providing a lot of different ideas and solutions to various problems, but we still come down to the main point: should he keep the car or not? As it stands, he only had the car for a week, and now it will be gone for several more weeks for repairs.

I know that when we do these polls we tend to be a little silly, but this time it’s a fairly serious matter, so it becomes a fairly serious poll. Take a look at these options and choose what you think may be the best option. If you have some good advice for our forlorn Z06 owner, feel free to hit the thread and dish it out.

Should NORCALL SS Keep the Z06

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