One-of-Ten Baldwin Motion Phase III GT for Sale

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Baldwin Motion C3 Corvette

This Baldwin Motion C3 Is Exceedingly Rare and Ready for Action!

Exotic Cars of Houston is selling this exceedingly rare Baldwin Motion period-modified Corvette. While it looks bizarre, this car is more than just skin deep. No two of the ten GTs built were alike. This particular car was optioned with a fastback rear window, carpeted stowage area, flared fenders, lake-pipe side exhaust, sportier suspension, the obviously modified front end with non-pop-up headlights, a unique “slit” taillight treatment, a quick-fill fuel cap, Shelby-Mustang-style rear quarter scoops, a 427 ci big-block engine, a four-speed Muncie gearbox, and a whole lot of other detail components. All in all, this is a truly unique car, in every sense of the word.

Now, pretty much any 427 Corvette is going to be a riot to drive. But with a heavy nose, tall sidewall tires, and more power than the chassis can realistically handle, the car has some strangeness to its dynamics, which needs to be adjusted to, and overcome. Whoever buys this Baldwin Motion Corvette, however, will be treated to an uprated suspension and giant Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires. Those tires are a bit dated by today’s standards, but they are certainly better than whatever came from the factory.

Alas, the visuals of this car will likely be polarizing to many Corvette enthusiasts, being that Baldwin took away the Corvette’s signature flip-up headlights (some 30 years before the C6 did the same). We’re inclined to say that this is a truly interesting design statement, which builds on the C3’s naturally-curvy beauty. It makes the car look quite a bit more like a sporting prototype than a touring street car.

This is a car that should be enjoyed, tracked, and driven as often as possible. Baldwin Motion built this car to be a screamer, and it’s the buyer’s duty to let it scream! For more information and even more photographs, check out the listing at Exotic Cars of Houston, then let us know what you think.

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