A Shotgun-Based Corvette Protection System?

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Because Fake Gun Shots Are Just as Scary as Real Ones

I have heard of some wild custom security systems, but this one takes the cake. A man in Washington has begun protecting his shipped car parts with blank shotgun cartridges. Yes, he makes would-be thieves think they are getting shot at with a 12-gauge. It’s pretty amazing.

The young man goes by the name of Jaireme Barrow, and he was having tons of Jeep parts stolen from his front porch. To combat the problem, he built a fake package that was loaded with a lift trigger and a 12-gauge blank. Pick up the box and the fake shotgun shell goes off. As you can see in the video below, this causes a no-gooder to drop the box, soil themselves, and run off like a screaming child. While the legality may be questionable, there’s no doubting its effectiveness. But that got us thinking about what else this method of theft deterrent could be applied to. Maybe it can be rigged up to stop people from stealing a Corvette?

Perhaps you have a few shells under the car, and if anyone tries to open the car when it’s locked, it just blows the shells instead of setting off the alarm. I think it sounds pretty awesome although I have no idea how to actually make anything like that work. Furthermore, I’m sure hacking into the car’s alarm to wire such a thing would cause all kinds of problems.

Is this man a genius, or a mad scientist? Do you think it would be a good way to protect your Corvette? At the very least, if you notice that some of your new performance parts for your Corvette are going missing from the front porch, you now know a good way to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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Via [Jalopnik]

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