A British Perspective on Late-Model C3 Corvette

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An Englishman falls in love with America’s sweetheart.

Many consider later C3s some of the least compelling cars to ever wear the crossed flags on their nose. Some say they were neutered by smog regulations, stripped of their big blocks, fitted with catalytic converters, loaded up (and weighed down) with luxury options, and left to languish while their rivals improved year over year.

While late C3 Corvettes may be cheap and plentiful here in America, they’re rare and exotic hardware¬†elsewhere in the world. In this video by British presenter Paul Woolford waxes poetic about why he thinks this late C3 is pure Americana.

Our favorite part is his naturally English-accented delivery of “five point seven liters,” as he’s absolutely in awe of such a large engine — V8s aren’t very common in Europe. While we consider the classic Chevy 350 to be a relatively small engine — C3s could be had with 454s, after all. But to a British sensibility, it’s positively mammoth.

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Sometimes, when we think of other cultures, it’s easy to simplify them into cartoon caricatures based on our limited understanding. If a friend tells you they’re going to Germany, you probably assume it’s Oktoberfest 24/7 if you’ve never been there. It’s just one of those things everyone does subconsciously.

Paul Woolford isn’t immune, as he describes the C3 as being evocative of jukeboxes and drive-ins. While the ’80-’82 C3 Corvette was pretty out of date in its time, it wasn’t that much of an anachronism. However, to someone that’s never been here, the Corvette is about as American as it gets.

While it may sound like we’re down on late C3s, we actually really like them here at Corvette Forum. It feels good to see someone on the outside appreciate them the way we do.

We appreciate Paul’s enthusiasm. From his tone it’s clear that he has a real affection for the car, and while there are many better ways to experience the Corvette (and American culture) Paul simply doesn’t care. He’s one hundred percent in love. It’s okay, Paul. We are too.

Cam Vanderhorst is a contributor to Harley-Davidson Forums, Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and MB World. He is also a co-host of the Cammed & Tubbed podcast.

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