C5 Factory Stereo Removal

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Tools required-

  • torx drivers (#15)
  • metric
    sockets &
    driver (7, 10 mm)
  • phillips screwdriver

1) remove the center console
cover by removing the 4
phillips screws that attach it to its hinge

2) remove the plastic covers
at the back of the
console area to expose the nuts securing the back part of
console in
then remove the nuts

3) remove the active
traction control insert and disconnect the electrical
connector for the switch

4) remove the electrical
connection to the aux. 12v power outlet and remove the outlet by
the back half

5) remove the nuts holding
the center part of the console

6) remove
the 3 torx screws
holding the front part of the console in place
there are 2 near the cigarette
lighter and 1 left of the ignition
key switch under a removable plastic cover

7) pull the shift cover
up through the console by squeezing it together

8) pull the rear part of
the center console back towards the trunk and then pull the front part of
console up off the posts and back a couple inches until you can
access the back
of the cigaratte lighter, unscrew the cigarette
lighter (similar to the 12v
power outlet )

9) with your foot on the
brake, lower the parking brake to get it out of the way and pull the
off and set it aside

10) remove the 2 bolts
the factory radio in place and pull the radio straight out a
few inches, then
disconnect the electrical connectors and antenna

Install the stereo of your
choice. Helpful pieces:
wiring harness (gm mini), stereo installation
kit for common gm
(includes plastic mounting parts), antenna converter cable
mini gm plug to standard size)

You’ll probably use the
power fuse to run your stereo because it’s switched with the ignition.
You can pull a wire from the fusebox under the passenger floorboard
to your
stereo. See your owner’s manual for the fuse number and

finished installation

last update: 7/31/2001 by
Galen Arnold

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