C7 Corvette Rumor Roundup!

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C7 Corvette ConceptC7 Corvette Rumor Roundup
by John Coyle

Corvette Forum

Generating buzz is part of the deal when you’re running a car company, so it makes sense that GM North American President Mark Reuss would describe the forthcoming C7 Corvette as “completely different” than any of its ancestors. And while I’m as excited as everyone else on the Forum to see the next generation of America’s Sports Car, even given the “completely different” line, there are some things safe to assume. First, given that it’ll be built on Earth, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, we can expect it’ll run on gasoline, won’t fly, and?regardless of what we’ve seen in a certain film franchise?will not transform into a smart-aleck robot from outer space. All kidding aside, click through for my take on some of the most persistent C7 rumors.

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