C7 Corvette Z06 Crash Captured on Camera

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Z06 Crash

If there ever was any doubt that a car like the new Corvette isn’t for everybody, this 14-second video should clear it up. Of course, most responsible drivers who’ve ever been behind the wheel of a powerful sports car already know that a vehicle of this nature requires a lot more skill and caution than, say, a Honda Accord.

Typically the more inexperienced drivers who like showing off are the ones who end up learning the hard way about how important it is to respect the power of a vehicle like the Corvette. Even experienced drivers need to be reminded of the fact. No place is that better highlighted than in the video below.

Posted in a thread by Corvette Forum member Przyojski, the clip shows someone driving a C7 Z06 and crashing into a pole while another person was filming it all on a camera phone. Careful, there’s some NSFW language at the end.

Pryzojski says he knew the driver, and had this to say about him in the thread:

“The driver is actually much better than this video gives the impression. He also has a built C6 Z06, which is much harder to control. It was a matter of confusion with the electronics and [was] unexpected. I drove the C7 Z06 as well, and the traction control is so transparent when it’s on, you don’t even realize how much it’s doing. It was thought to be on in this [instance] and wasn’t.”

Hopefully the driver didn’t suffer any serious injuries. And though he may be a better driver than the video might indicate, this valuable lesson about respecting powerful cars is one we can always be reminded of.

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via [Jacob Przyojski]

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