Callaway debuts $67,000 Ferrari FF

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Callaway Cars teased us with this back in March, but now it’s official: they’re going to build the AeroWagon Concept. No, it’s not really a Ferrari FF, as you can plainly see it’s a C7 Corvette Stingray. However, it looks strikingly similar (actually, better in our opinion) to the FF, amplifying the Corvette’s European design influence and turning the Stingray into a proper gentleman’s shooting brake.

The AeroWagon Concept will cost $15,000 in a natural carbon fiber weave and an additional $1500 if you’d like it painted to match the rest of the car. It will also retain the Vette’s targa top and rear latching mechanism along with the entire rear in stock form. Unfortunately, because of the Corvette’s rear transaxle and low roofline, the AeroWagon will not have rear seats. But that’s OK, who wants to bring along their mother-in-law anyway? Tell us what you think– love it or despise it?

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