NCM Features Callaway’s Sledgehammer C4

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Celebrate 30 years of Callaway With a Special 15-Car Exhibit at the National Corvette Museum, Including the Well-Named Sledgehammer C4

The National Corvette Museum has a new exhibit chronicling the complete 30-year history of Callaway-tuned Corvettes. The NCM’s first video about the exhibit covers 1988’s legendary C4-based Callaway Sledgehammer. This just happens to be our favorite Callaway Corvette of all time. This silver beast remains one of the most awe-inspiring American-made hypercars in history. We might just have to schedule a trip to the NCM this spring just to see it in person again. The other 14 Callaways on display are just icing on the already delicious cake.

The Sledgehammer features a pair of massive turbochargers and a set of even larger intercoolers fitted to a 4-bolt main NASCAR-spec “Bowtie” small block V8. It produces something in the realm of 900 horsepower and nearly 800 pound-feet of torque. That’s combined with a low-drag aerodynamic body designed by Paul Deutsman. That huge power shoved this Callaway through the air to a max speed of 254.76 miles per hour at the Transportation Research Center’s 7.5 mile oval in Ohio.

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That mega top-speed effort put the Callaway Sledgehammer into the record books as the fastest street-driven car. And it stayed on top for 25 years following that. In order to prove that this car was completely streetable, Callaway fitted it with comfortable leather seats, a stereo sound system, and proper air conditioning. Then they drove the car on the street from their headquarters in Connecticut to Ohio for the record-setting attempt.

This is an excellent video. We’re hoping the rest of the films in this series are just as informative. Stay tuned for the full rundown on each of the 15 Callaways¬†on display right now.

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