Concept7 Pushes Envelope for Corvette Stingray Performance

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When it comes down to performance, with a lot of sports cars, there comes a point where you figure they’ve pretty much reached their peak. But it seems as though the C7 just keeps having more to give. Take, for example, the additional enhancements offered on the Concept7.

The custom Corvette, developed by Corvette racer, Jeff Nowicki, pushes the performance attributes of the C7 even further, as highlighted in a recent Hot Rod report.  Built by the former GM designer’s Nowicki Autosport, the Concept7 features the addition of a number of carbon fiber parts including a front splitter, rocker moldings, wheelhouse extensions, rear spoiler with adjustable wicker, front fender vent inserts, rear fender intake ducts, and a Targa-style roof bow. There’s also a carbon fiber A-pillar and grille bar that sits over the factory chrome bar.


While some of the carbon fiber parts are intended to enhance the look of the C7, the front splitter, rocker moldings, and adjustable rear spoiler are there primarily to enhance the car’s performance capabilities on the track.

The wicker on the rear spoiler offers 25 mm of vertical adjustment that enables it to be adjusted for different tracks. The wheelhouse extensions on the Concept7 allow for wider wheels and tires.


Now, Nowicki is working on a heads-and-cam package to push the LT1 engine’s output up to 500-plus horsepower.  And while the designer currently has no plans of offering a complete build-out of the Concept7, expect a few more custom parts in the near future.

“We’re growing every day, designing and producing new parts, and adding distribution for the products we use on our vehicles,” says Nowicki. “It’s been a fast ramp-up, but an exciting and fulfilling one, as the C7 Corvette has reinvigorated enthusiasts everywhere. It’s the best Corvette ever and I believe we’re doing our best work ever.”

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