Coolant Flushing Tool

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I made
an adapter that allows the cooling system to be flushed using your garden
hose. Here is what I did: drain the cooling system by taking out both
knock sensors. Take one of the knock sensors to Lowes or Home Depot and
buy two brass nipples, one end with the same pipe thread as the knock
sensor and the other end with a barb end. Pickup some hose that fits over
the barb end of the nipple, maybe 6 feet. Two more things to get, two
garden hose adapters with one end barbed so that it fits into the 6 feet
of hose, and the other end a female end that mates to your garden hose.
Oh, Buy some hose clamps (4)and a \”Y\” for garden hoses. Now it\’s
time to assemble. Cut the 6 foot hose in half. Insert the barbed end of
the nipple into the hose and clamp with a hose clamp. Insert the garden
hose adapter into the other end of that hose and clamp. Make two of these
assemblies. Screw both of these assemblies into the knock sensor holes.
Take the \”Y\” and connect both assemblies to your garden hose. This
puts water into your cooling system, but you have to have a way to let the
water out. I bought a Prestone flush kit many years ago and it had a
yellow drain adapter that fits into the upper radiator surge tank with the
cap off. I attached a washing machine drain hose to it and ran it to a
big bucket. Now, you just turn on the water so that a nice slow flow comes
out of the drain hose. When the water is clear, open the petcock on the
bottom of the radiator. Again, run the water until clear. Close the
petcock and crank up the engine while the water is still flowing nicely
into the bucket. When it is clear, you\’re almost done. Shut off the
engine and drain the system. Put the knock sensors back in IAW the
manual. If you really want to be sure everything is clear, remove the two
hoses going to and from the heater core and run some water through them.
This takes less time than the drain, fill, run, cool down, drain, fill,
run, cool down proceedure, and it does a better job.

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