Corvette Fails Are Less Rare Than You Think

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Corvette Fails

Generally speaking, Mustang GT drivers are the authority on this kind of tomfoolery. You boisterous Blue-Oval boys, however, can be rest assured that there is plenty of shame to spread around to other makes and models. Ferraris, Porsches, and BMWs aren’t immune to poor decision making. And on occasion we’ll even see a Corvette fail due to complete driver error.

In this short video from PowerNation Daily, host Gannon Pritchard runs down five embarrassing moments that will be impossible to live down. The brief list of Corvette fails spans from incidents happening on racetracks to public roads, from uncontrollable oversteer to catching fire…

Of the five, my favorite is certainly nestled in at the number 1 spot. You wouldn’t think anyone would have trouble breaking the rear tires loose with 505 horsepower cranked out of the C6’s LS7, but this poor chum couldn’t figure it out. Instead of a smokey burnout, white clouds bellow from the yellow ‘Vette as the clutch gets nuked. In my opinion, this particular clip is more cringe worthy than comical, but for those who would like to watch, here’s a longer video from the winning clip.

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