Show Us Your Most Random Corvette Photos!

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It’s needless to say that folks here at Corvette Forum are the best and coolest Corvette owners in the world. But perhaps you didn’t know that the best Corvette owners also happen to take the most random and sometimes awkward photos. But hey, we’re not here to judge!

Whether it’s a vintage Stingray next to a new Stingray, a die-cast Corvette side-by-side with a real-life Corvette, or even a massive (and I mean massive) teddy bear stuffed in the trunk of a C7, we love them all. There’s nothing cooler than seeing our forum members enjoy life alongside their speedy companions.

Heck, we may not be crazy over Fords here, but seeing a Corvette and a Ford Focus RS share a driveway definitely makes me a bit jealous.


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