Corvette Explores Another Way of Getting Sideways on Racetrack

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wrecked C7 text

There’s a longstanding motto in the world of Corvettes when it comes to racetracks: don’t bite off more than you can chew.

OK, so maybe it’s not really a standing motto, but it should be as I’m sure a few of us can testify in some form or fashion, although we might not want to admit it.

Hell, I know I’ve had a few nervous moments on the track that left me with more appreciation for a car’s power once I got that thing under control. While it was nothing like rolling over a new ‘Vette (as was the case pictured above), it was a humbling experience, nonetheless.

Apparently, in this instance the driver was drifting around a corner into a straightaway, as “jagamajajaran” who posted the photo, reports on the forum. The trouble started when he over-corrected and started zig-zagging, sliding sideways into the barriers and then rolling the C7 up on its side.

Luckily, the driver was able to walk away, but let it be a lesson for the rest who love the racetrack.

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