Let’s All Welcome a First-Time Corvette Owner

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Here at Corvette Forum, we like to showcase our reader’s rides from time to time. However, nothing gives us more pleasure than welcoming a new Corvette owner to the fray. Not new as in you just bought a third or fourth Corvette, and it’s brand-new (although we like you, too), but new like you just bought your very first Corvette.

There’s just something especially exciting about joining the ‘Vette owner’s club. So a big welcome is rightly deserved. And it just so happens we have one of those newcomers right now.

Gvilleuncfan has been wanting a Corvette since he was 18 years old, and at 40, he finally went out and bought one. A 2008 C6 with only 28,000 miles on it. He’s run the gamut of every conceivable sports car in the past, but never a Corvette. Now, that’s all changed, so let’s welcome him to the forum and check out his new ride.

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