Corvette of the Week: An International C4

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Do you ever find yourself wondering how far the love of Corvettes has spread?  CF member Mohammed_Z’s 1994 Corvette hails to us all the way from Saudi Arabia where it is certainly feeling the love.

This Admiral Blue C4 has some fantastic photos to document its life with Mohammed_Z and we have no doubt more are to follow.    Although the previous owner couldn’t get the real Grand Sport in Saudi Arabia, he did his best to create the look until he was forced to remove the GS stripe from the hood and trunk when the police had a problem with the car not being registered as having two colors (I know, I know).  Mohammed_Z gave the car its stripe back using a German vinyl, which cost a whopping $50 and looks excellent.  He also changed out the slushbox transmission in favor of a ZF6.  The only thing I find lacking is not having several more pages worth of photos to enjoy.

Congratulate Mohammed_Z on his thread and check out some other great C4’s on his other thread.  Thank you for sharing your passion with us on CorvetteForumMohammed_Z!

Watch this bad boy do a burnout!

I'd rather be driving my Tumbler.

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