Corvettes? In the Rain?! Are you CRAZY?!?

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You’ve heard it more times than you care to count: “Never seen rain.” It is such a common sight in Corvette sale ads that when talking to owners, you might think it was against the law in some areas to take a Corvette out with water falling from the sky. What’s the big deal, and why does it matter? Chevy pounds these things with hundreds of gallons of water at the factory to check for leaks, they get wet on the road to the dealer, and they certainly get rained on while sitting on a dealer stock lot.

Corvette Forum member Airmed2 took a direct stab at this in a recent thread over on the C6 forum. He wanted to know what the big deal is with the statement “never been driven in the rain.” Namely, if it really matters to any of you. And that is when the magic happened. The very first response was pure comedy gold in the best way imaginable.

RagTop69 said, “They discovered back in the 70s that Corvettes shrank in the rain. That’s where they got all those Opel GTs.” No greater origin story for the Opel GT can even be written. Other people chimed in with claims that the car might melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. We also had one member, Norskie, publicly decry himself as a “Vette Abuser” because he drove his car in the rain. He sincerely asks for us to intervene on his behalf and help him with his recovery.

There have been a lot of pretty serious answers in the thread as well, but it’s also worth looking through the five pages to find the gems like these ones. Go forth and enjoy, and don’t forget to share your own witty quips if you have any.

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