Subtle C6 for Sale Packs Unsuspecting 525 Horsepower Under the Hood

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535 horsepower sleeper Corvette.

If it’s possible to build a sleeper Corvette, then this is how you do it.

We came across this 2008 C6 Corvette on eBay and nearly scrolled right past it. Usually, when people use descriptors like “MINT CONDITION,” in all caps, and “custom,” it’s a recipe for mediocrity. Except, in this case, looking at the details and the sales blurb, it starts ringing the right bells. It’s got 45,306 miles on the clock, sits on Pilot Super Sports, it’s been kept in the garage and the interior is immaculate. It was owned from new by a local Dallas business owner in his 50s, which is always a good sign a car hasn’t been thrashed, and the current owner has only put around 500 miles on it and he says it has a clean and clear title. So far, so good if you can deal with the wheels.

Then we see what’s under the hood. It has the 6.2-liter LS3 V8 you expect but, according to the owner, it’s had a bit of an upgrade courtesy of 21st Century Muscle car to make 95 more horsepower than the stock 430 horses. Now, it makes 525 along with a nice healthy 450 lb-ft of torque and top of the list of engine upgrades is a hydraulic roller camshaft that should give a nice little loping idle.

535 horsepower sleeper Corvette.

Also on the list of engine upgrades is heavy duty double valve springs and associated hardware, ported and polished throttle body, a Calloway intake system, a dyno tune, long tube stainless headers, high flow cats, a crossover pipe and electric operated exhaust cutouts so the car can go into “there’s nothing to see here” mode. The only visual flare are a set of somewhat uncommon dealer accessory seven spoke chrome wheels. The brakes are also upgraded with Brembo pads and drilled rotors.

We think we would actually keep it looking like it does and invest in some Tommy Bahama shirts to wear when driving it. Maybe we would even add a “Retired and spending the kid’s inheritance” sticker on the back. A 2008 C6 is no slouch when stock, but looking like that it becomes a sleeper in our book and should give some people a quite a shock to see it get up and go and the extra sauce should make sure it surprises even more from the lights.

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