Would You Dare Put a Bumper Sticker on Your Corvette?

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When it comes to adding something unique to your Corvette, there seems to be one thing that will separate you from the rest: a bumper sticker. But you may not want to post pictures of it on Corvette Forum.

That’s certainly what Corvette Forum member Gary SS found out after posting a thread titled “Let’s See Your Bumper Stickers” with the photo above, showing off a “Mean People Suck” sticker plastered proudly on his ‘Vette.

Well, that caused a bit of a disagreement as far as bumper sticker values go.

“No bumper stickers on my C6,” chimed in “VET4LES“.

“The only way a bumper sticker gets near my ‘Vette is if it’s on another car close to me,” added “Acheman8“.


“This is the only place my stickers go,” said “Ptroxx“, while posting the above photo.

And then there’s Corvette Forum member “Spying Beast’s” response to the thread:

“Nothing touches the paint on my ‘Vette except a super-soft, recently new and flaw-free lambskin washing cloth.

Never in my life would I ruin the perfect rear end of a C6 with a bumper sticker. It would be like putting a tattoo on the *** of Jessica Alba — you’d absolutely ruin it! Almost like graffiti!

Take ever so much care and remove that sticker from your ‘Vette immediately!”


Just busting your chops, but seriously, IMMEDIATELY!”


I did, however, manage to find one other Corvette Forum member in the thread, “COMMANDER2OOO“, who was courageous enough to share a pic of his Corvette with a rear-window sticker, which is shown just above.

Still, I think it’s safe to say, “Gary SS”, that while a lot of people here would probably agree with you that mean people suck, when it comes to putting a sticker on your Corvette, you and “COMMANDER2000” probably won’t find much support on that one here.

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