Does Your Corvette Need a Hibernation Break?

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CF in Snow

Chances are if you own a Corvette and reside in the northern reaches, you’ve now had your baby stored for weeks as part of the car’s sacred hibernation season.

I know the snow and frigid temperatures we’ve been getting here in the Midwest over the past week haven’t been all that conducive for taking a weekend drive in a Corvette.

I did, however, spot a C6 owner a couple of days ago who had dared to venture out for the challenge. Watching the Corvette slowly try to make its way down the road, I found myself wondering, “What prompted this guy to drive his Corvette under those kind of conditions?”

Of course, one obvious answer is that the sportscar might have been his sole means of transportation. But considering that a lot of the readers here at Corvette Forum probably own another car, we’d like to know – what would it take for you to pull your beloved ‘Vette out for a winter spin in the snow? A check for the full purchase price of a new one? A million bucks? A guarantee of world peace. Let us know!

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Photo [America Loves Horsepower]

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