How-To Tuesday: C5 Corvette Specifics

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If you’re anything like me, the first time you saw the C5 Corvette you were sold, specifics be damned. There’s a reason why the C5 is so popular; it really made people fall in love with the Corvette all over again. But what is it about this car? What specifically made this a “must have” car? Let’s check out the specs on the Corvette that re-launched the brand.

This week’s How-To Tuesday article, “C5 Corvette: Specifications by Trim,” talks about many things, although it does not specifically mention the LS1 engine. Maybe it should. That engine may be one of the most popular engines that General Motors has ever made. You could probably write an entire article on the specs of that engine alone though, so let’s stick to the rest.

LS1 engine

Could you imagine trying to control the power coming from the rear wheels of a modern Corvette without stability control? The C5 was the first Corvette that made stability control — aka active handling — standard. It paved the way to help bring the Corvette into the 21st century and allowed it to keep up with the more expensive European counterparts.

The fifth generation Corvette also saw the return of the Zo6. The first time since 1963 that a Corvette was given that badge, and boy was it worth the wait. The C5 Zo6 was everything that we had envisioned at that time. Faster, stronger, sexier, and just plain fun to drive. The best part now is that the C5 Zo6 is fairly affordable and is still a stunner to drive.

What are your go-to specifics for the C5? Thinking back, what was your “must have” detail on the car when it was released? What about the C5 just made you get excited? Check out all the specs, then let us know!

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