Corvette Forum Member Discovers Old Garage’s Secret Stash

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Back in college, I had a friend who owned an old house. Supposedly it was haunted. Alright, it was definitely haunted. Things would make noise for no apparent reason, doors would slam and open all by themselves, there was a mysterious black void in the attic where no light could shine, and there was a speakeasy false wall in the basement that we could never get into. In short, it’s insane what you can find when searching through an old house, all of which could be potentially haunted.

One of our Corvette Forum members, Kerouac, did a little home exploring of his own recently, and he definitely found something interesting. In his new house, or rather his old house that he just bought, there was a two car brick garage. And being that it was old, some of the floor had a few cracks in it. Kerouac obviously didn’t want his C2 Corvette to get damaged, should something rupture from beneath, so he brought in a floor guy. What the floor guy found was way cooler than Kerouac could have ever expected though.

In Kerouac’s garage was what appears to be an old auto pit to work on cars. Kind of like the ones you see at Jiffy Lube, except it’s much cooler. We’re just glad they didn’t find a body. Not that we’d know of any bodies under garages. Nope, not us. We know nothing.

If you think Kerouac’s find is cool, head on over to the thread to see how he integrated the pit into the design of his new garage.

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