Flex-a-lite M-210 Dual Fan Kit Mounting

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file attachments are line drawings that show how I mounted a Flex-a-lite
M-210 dual fan kit in a 1973 Corvette. The car has a 350
engine, air conditioning,
and automatic transmission. The fan
kit is available from Summit and Eckler’s.
recommends a booster fan if the horsepower is over 250 without
air conditioning or 200 with air. Some people are running higher
than that, and getting away without a booster fan.
What I have here is
a way to mount the fan kit without
drilling any holes in the radiator
channel frames or the
radiator support. Just take your time fitting everything
together, and it should all go pretty well. The stock shroud needs to
be removed when using this kit. To do that on my ’73, the radiator had
to come out first. On my ’73, the fan is very close to the
upper A-arm
shaft on the driver side, but it does go in. The
notes included with the
file attachments explain what is
needed, but if there are any questions,
feel free to get back
to me at [email protected] or [email protected]

is a description of how to alter and mount the wiring of a
M-210 dual fan kit. It is a puller type and comes
with a thermostatic
control. The control has provisions for
manual override of the fans and
for cars with air
conditioning, a feature to run the fans whenever the
clutch is energized. These alterations were done on a 1973 Corvette
with a 350 engine, A.C. and automatic transmission.

All of
this was done without the approval of Flex-a-lite, nor
Chevrolet. Take
care and let your own good judgment be your

The following
is a parts listing that
includes everything needed for the wiring alteration.

Fan kit:
Flex-a-lite M-210 may be able to
be found locally.
Summit Racing
# FLX-210.
Eckler’s #
Fan switch:
# 20550.

harness: Eckler’s # 28957.

Fan switch
and harness kit: Corvette Central # 243024.

amp relay and harness kit: J.C. Whitney # 14HC9433Y.

Whitney # 14HC9432P.
Radio Shack # 275-226.

The following
should be able to be found

switch for manual
override of the fans.

wire and

size for relay terminals
85 and 86 is 18 ga.

size for the
relay terminals 30 and 87 is 12 ga.

A mounting
panel can be made from a piece of ABS or nylon plastic. The
size is 12.5
x 2.5 x .5 inches. Drill two holes centered 11
inches apart and 3/4 inch
from one edge. The holes need to be
able to clear 1/4 inch diameter bolts.
Secure this panel to
the two top driver side fan mounting bolts that secure
the fan
assembly to the radiator upper channel frame. Replace the two
bolts with a pair that are 1/2 inch longer than the ones supplied in the
fan kit. It makes a nice place to mount the thermostatic
control and any
relays that are added, and saves you from
drilling any holes in the car.

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