Getting Flipped the Finger in Your Corvette?

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Not everyone appreciates America’s sports car, including some of the people who own them. But is the middle finger the best way to show that?

As the saying goes, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old.” With the current state of Corvette owner stereotypes, this thread on our forums certainly isn’t helping things.

According to Corvette Forum member BAT, he was leaving his son’s baseball game in his Corvette, and accelerated somewhat briskly without shifting out of first gear. As he coasted on by with his Corsa Xtreme exhaust growling, a neighbor on his front porch felt compelled to give him the finger.

Given that he wasn’t speeding and was driving in the middle of the afternoon, the neighbor’s reaction seems a bit uncalled for. After all, motorcycles, diesel trucks, and emergency vehicles are all much louder than our Corvettes.

However, many fellow Corvette owners took the side of the neighbor, comically accusing BATĀ of reckless driving and unnecessary loudness.

For years, the Corvette community has been desperately fighting off the stereotype of being comprised of grumpy old farts who drive their stock, automatic C5s five miles an hour below the speed limit to parking lots in order to sit in folding chairs while listening to the same six Beach Boys songs.

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To read this thread, it appears that the stereotype is alive and well. It does beg the question: if you hate the sound of a high-performance V8, and you don’t occasionally enjoy yourself in your car (without breaking the speed limit, of course), why bother? History has shown that low-mileage, pampered Corvettes that sit under covers hooked up to battery tenders almost never appreciate in value.

For what you’re paying to own, maintain, license, and insure your Corvette, you could have a custom-fitted set of golf clubs, the snappiest wardrobe of khakis and polos, and membership to some of the nicest country clubs in America. And the best part? It’ll be dead-quiet on the links.

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